Introducing Light:
A new operating system for consciousness
Feet on the ground
head in the stars
heart held™

Light© is a digital platform for personal growth, mental health and wellbeing.  Light© helps individuals attain greater wisdom and deeper connections through spirit lifting experiences and techniques accessible to everyone.  Light©’s safe spaces, stimulating content, integration tools and sharing facilitation create closer connections between people.  Being vulnerable, trying new things and sharing experiences helps us get closer – to others and to ourselves.

Light© is experience agnostic and introduces a wide range of techniques into higher wisdom, such as movement, breathwork, meditation and storytelling.  Ultimately, it will draw upon and feed into the Code.  It speaks in a universal tone and accessible language. Integration and connection are facilitated through technology and trusted spaces.

LightConnect (the first program offered on the Light© platform) is currently offered to enterprises via blended analogue and digital bespoke programs. Our programs are delivered to corporate clients for use by their employees grouped together across all strata of the organisation. Stronger team connections, higher levels of engagement and happier individuals are key outcomes.  

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