The gap between cleverness and wisdom

Theory of change

Closing the Capacity Gap

Never before in human history have we had so many ‘hockey sticks’ of change: multiple, explosive, exponential patterns from Moore’s Law, AI, Biotech & Nanotech to Population Growth, Climate Change, Income inequality and Diversity loss or the spread of the COVID pandemic. Humanity’s capacity to adapt to our own ingenuity is not a rapidly shifting pattern, rather it’s a line that shifts gently up over time. Between where the world has developed and where we as humans have evolved, is a gap.

This gap between our cleverness and our wisdom is fuelling the breakdown of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and as a result, our individual and collective systems.

We can only bridge the gap by expanding our capacity: shifting our level of consciousness and our perspective.  

Sarsen is committed to making this consciousness shift radically accessible.  We have established Light© to facilitate this effort. We are undertaking a number of media initiatives and partnerships to increase awareness about the possibility. These outward reaching efforts will be underscored by our work to further the field of consciousness studies. (See the Code)

Codifying consciousness access

Since 2017 we have been working with a diverse community of experts on exploring and researching different means and methods to access and shift consciousness. We are building a codified database of "ways in" to consciousness, "the Code".  The Code will be developed and maintained with integrity and discernment. Access to this consciousness database will ultimately be made available as a public good to further research and expansion of the field of consciousness studies similarly to the Human Genome Project.

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