The SARSEN™ Manifesto

Sarsen exists to create greater connection, balance and harmony with ourselves and the world around us. It gives us the wisdom to answer our inner yearning, the safety to be our authentic selves, and the space in our hearts to love openly, fearlessly and joyfully. 

Each of us is born pure, with an innate sense of what we are here to do. Some of us are dancers, some are detectives, some are diplomats. As we grow up, we often get lost – or are told to ignore – our true path. We write a different story about ourselves and get wrapped up in it. Life gets very busy living this story. Our plate gets fuller and more difficult to cope with. Our true self becomes fragmented. 

There comes a day when that story falters. A bell rings somewhere far off, and it causes us to notice something beyond ourselves, or something within ourselves. We become curious to understand. We become aware of being aware. 

Awareness is that sound we hear. It can be found in many places; in nature, in beauty, in love, in pain. It is the ability to understand that our lived experience can be richer. With awareness comes the capability to see beyond the constraints of our everyday life. 

In each of us is a vessel, with a capacity to love, to be compassionate, to create, to build better relationships, and to meet challenges – within ourselves, in others and in the world around us. The capacity of this vessel can expand; to hold more experience, wisdom and insight; to allow our perspective to widen and elevate; to gain control over whatever life throws at us. 

We call this vessel consciousness. Consciousness is the totality of our lived experience. 

Sarsen creates and holds the space to explore the expansion of our individual and collective consciousness.
Energy is the mains of life. It flows, it is growth, it is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Technology is our enabler, our scaler, our connector. Community is our home, our network and our collective opportunity.

Using consciousness, energy, technology and community, we unlock the suppressed power within, connect back into our true selves and generate new ways of thinking to meet the individual and collective challenges that we face.

We believe the paradigm of separation, of self over others, of fear and of inequality is breaking down. The opportunity to rebalance the masculine and feminine is ours. 

As our vessel expands, we are not only capable of greater trust and courage, but feel an abundance of joy, love, and compassion, of humility, gratitude and presence. We are able to view life more holistically. We are able to resolve the internal questions of today, alongside tackling how we build a new organising system for the world of tomorrow. 

We emerge regenerated, with a renewed sense of the interconnection, the interdependence and the interrelationship that exists between all things, the capacity to heal the fragmentation inside ourselves and with each other, and the ability to taste and savour the evermore delicious flavours of life.

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